Wedding Event Insurance Gives You Added Peace Of Mind

Did you know that you can buy wedding event insurance, also known as wedding insurance, to protect yourself against wedding day disasters?

Having this kind of insurance will give you peace of mind.  What kind of things does it cover? Should you get a policy? Where can you get a wedding insurance quote?

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Well it varies from company to company what the policy covers. But there are some basic key items that seem to show up on most policies. Think in terms of the major things that can go wrong on your wedding day. Some problems that can happen, you have probably seen on your favorite court shows. What are they?

  • No Dress. Your bridal salon closes down expectantly, so you can't get your gown. Your gown or the grooms tuxedo could be lost or stolen.
  • Lost Deposits. One of your vendors declare bankruptcy or close their doors and they have your deposit.
  • Lost rings. You or the groom, lose or damage wedding rings.
  • Wedding postponed due to severe weather. A hurricane or other severe weather condition causes you to have to postpone the wedding.
  • Transportation shut down might prevent the groom or bride from arriving for the wedding. Commercial transportation shut down can happen when the government call for various security alerts to be in effect. Severe weather conditions can also down planes.
  • Ruined wedding photos. Your photographer somehow goofs up your pictures.
  • Call to duty. Fiancee is called up unexpectedly to duty, forcing you to postpone the event.
  • Damaged gifts. Someone helping to put gifts in your car drops a package.
  • Postponed for sudden illness. You or the groom or his or your parents become suddenly ill and the wedding needs to be postponed.
  • Venue requires insurance. Some venues want you to carry coverage in case injury occurs to your guest or for damages they may cause. Wedding Liability Insurance.
  • Additional expenses. This can happen if a vendor can't make your wedding and you have to hire a last minute replacement.

Should You Buy Wedding Event Insurance For Your Wedding?

Is there a possibility that any of the above could go wrong for your wedding? I am sure that you agree that it is possible. Since a wedding these days is said to cost an average of $27,000 dollars, can you afford to risk losing any of that money? Only you can answer those questions. 

"Being in the wedding industry for over 25 years and having friends and family getting married, I have seen every last one of these things happen." 

Most people didn't have insurance, which resulted in a loss of a considerable amount of money in some cases. Others, when vendors didn't deliver as promised, end up in court, where some won their cases and others loss. But who has time to be going to court? This is where wedding insurance comes in handy!

But if you are inclined to buy a wedding event insurance policy where can you buy one? Not all insurance companies offer it. You can try asking whom ever you have your auto or life insurance policies with. But if you want to get a wedding insurance quote you can get one easily online from insurance companies like Travelers Insurance. 

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