Worst Experienced With Ordering Designer Wedding Dress Online

To everyone,

Before I ordered my wedding dress online I read a review and asked them many questions before I order with this particular website for my beautiful designer dress. Their factory is based in China and I just recently find out they have three different websites (exactly the same with different name)under the same supplier(idenbridals,isadorabridal and endenbridal).

The worst thing is I still haven't received my dress after three months. I email them again and again and all they're saying it "your dress is still on processing, all most finished". It was meant to be rush order 10-15 days but after three months, they are sending me same email. When I asked for a refund they email me the same thing over and over again.

I can not put a comment or review on their websites. The only way you can contact them is through email. I originally found this website when I search "designer dress" at Google because the dress that I want to get is way too expensive and only one store in the entire city have it.

There are lots of good comment on their websites but I want everyone to be aware of it.
My wedding is only a few months away and I don't know where to get my dress now. I hope my comment help other bride. Please think carefully before getting especially designer wedding dress from China.


Thank you for your comments. I hope that you will either receive your gown or get a refund soon. I just have to say this about sites that promote the fact that they are factories for designers' dresses...

I continually hear stories like this through this site and in my local business. I know when you see a designers' wedding dress in your local bridal shop and it's priced out of your budget, it's hard to resist trying to see if you can get it cheaper. The owners of these online sites hope the prices will be so irresistible, that it will entice you to take the risk of ordering a dress from so far away! No consumer laws for your country can help you if something goes wrong with your purchase, which protects them.

Now some brides know from the start that they are getting a replica or copycat dress from these websites. They just hope it will look similar to the designer's gown they wanted.

But there are others who think they are getting the " authentic" designers wedding dress deeply discounted. They assume that the dress is so cheap because the gown is coming directly from the factory the designer uses in China. Some of these sites want you to think that by using the designer's photos of gowns on their sites.

Don't be taken in by this tactic! Let me tell you designer's don't sell their gowns that way. They have a relationship with the bridal store owners, who are their customers, and they want to keep happy. They will not undermine that relationship and risk bridal shops banning their designs. Yes... most designers have their gowns made in China. But they will not authorize the factories to sell them directly to the consumer. Most bridal dress designers don't want their gowns sold online at all and don't allow it, even here in the US.

The truth of the matter is that a wedding gown ordered directly from China , is a "copycat" design of the authentic designers dress. And in most cases the gown doesn't reflect accurately the style or the quality of the designer's gowns.

So if you decide to order a gown this way always have a back up wedding gown ready to purchase. Because the risk is that the gown may not come at all or on time. Or you will receive it and it will not meet your expectations.

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