Buy Destination Wedding Dresses That Work Well For You And Your Wedding Location

When should you consider shopping for destination wedding dresses?

You will need one when you, your wedding party and all your wedding guests will be traveling to the wedding destination of your choice.  This could be a honeymoon location or a popular vacation spot.

Your wedding gown need to work with these special circumstances in order for it to arrive there in good shape and for you to be the picture perfect bride!

What Make A Wedding Gown The Best Choice For A Destination Wedding?

So what type of dress do most brides tend to pick?

Destination wedding gowns tend to be less formal which means..

  • short or no train
  • slimmer silhouette 
  • less fussy fabric
  • simplistic in design

This makes it easier to travel with and less prep would be needed for the gown since some destinations may not have the amenities you need to have the gown professionally pressed or steamed.

It's best to stay away from fabrics that wrinkle easily or grab, like satin, taffeta and tulle net fabrics.

The best fabrics for your gown are made of man-made fibers like polyester, and spandex in satin, crepe, chiffon and laces. Tulle fabric can work if you don't have a very full gown. Natural fabrics like silk and cotton wrinkle easily.


The Dessy Group have informal wedding dresses that are perfect to use for your destination wedding gown which are priced under $500!

Check out this gallery of gowns on their website!

Destination Wedding Dresses Have Many Uses

Where would you use a destination wedding gown?

  • Many styles will work for a cruise or for a beach wedding.
  • They are also great for outdoor weddings held in a park or in someone's back yard.
  • Weddings at resorts and on boats or yachts.
  • There is a trend for brides to use these informal bridal dresses as reception wedding dresses.
  • These are perfect for Courthouse weddings.
  • When you need a wedding gown for a short engagement time frame.

These informal wedding dresses although simple, are still very glamorous designs.

Wedding dress designers  use carefree fabrics that make these dresses popular among brides planning destination weddings and informal weddings.

Tips For Traveling With Your Bridal Gown To Keep It In Good Shape

Here are a few tips for traveling with your wedding gown.

  • Double bag it. Especially if traveling by plane.
  • Use two garment bags, a breathable type and the outer one should be a plastic one to keep the rain out.
  • Call airport ahead of time to see if there is a place that you can hang your gown on the plane.
  • Pack a hand held steamer to get out wrinkles from traveling in case your destination doesn't have services to take care of your gown.
  • Make sure your gown can take the moisture from the steam. Some silk fabrics shrink if steamed and will have to be pressed with and iron.
  • Some ship the gown ahead to the destination. You would need to really trust your gown in the care of the management if this service is available. Find out what happens if the gown comes up missing or is damaged.

If you follow these tips you will arrive at your wedding destination with your gown intact.

Most major bridal designers have a collection designated destination wedding dresses or a Boho style collection.

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