Paloma Blanca Wedding Dresses Are Figure Flattering! What's The Secret?

Those who buy Paloma Blanca wedding dresses feel they are worth every penny they pay for them! Why?

Because their bridal gowns are not only gorgeous, but they make the wearer look beautiful.

So if you want a gown that gives you that "wow factor", because of the impeccable design and fit... then this is the designer for you.

The designers for Paloma Blanca are skilled at designing gowns that brings out the best assets of your figure.

Their gown designs tend to be simple, classic and modern styling. The thoughtful use of details, the fabric choices and through simple touches of ornamentation is what makes their wedding gowns.

They don't have to rely on putting a lot of bling on their dresses in order to catch the eye! No... it's all about the details and where and how they are placed.

Paloma Blanca Wedding Dress 2353FPaloma Blanca #2353F

This design is an example of the beauty of simplicity and uniquely design coming together. Can you see yourself in this?

The Secret To The Superb Fit Of Paloma Blanca Wedding Dresses Is In The Construction

But there is a reason why Paloma Blanca wedding gowns make you look so good when you try them on? The secret is in how they are constructed underneath!

What I'm about to say may seem unimportant to you when it comes to choosing a wedding dress, but please listen carefully.

The inner construction of a wedding dress is important to how the gown will look on you, since it holds the shape of the gown.

How does that work your ask?

  • It's when a wedding dress is engineered to take the stress on the inner linings and bustier of the gown. This is especially needed in a strapless bridal gown.
  • This is why your gown will look great on you and will be comfortable to wear all day.

Paloma Blanca make sure their wedding dresses are constructed in this manner.

Paloma Blanca 4975FPaloma Blanca 4975F Curvy

Notice the careful placement of pleating and tucks to emphasize the curves of the plus size figure. Gorgeous!

Paloma Blanca strapless wedding dresses are made to stay in place. No unsightly wrinkles and crinkles to worry about. No pulling or tugging on the gown while wearing it.

Another bonus is that you save money on undergarments like specialty bras and shapewear, because often you don't need these when a dress is so well constructed.

Paloma Blanca wedding dresses are so well engineered that it sculpts your figure to fit the dress!

The outer fabrics are backed so that they lay smooth. You might think that with all that boning their strapless wedding gowns wouldn't be comfortable to wear, but they are.

Paloma Blanca Wedding Dress 4963FPaloma Blanca 4963F
Paloma Blanca Wedding Gown 2354FPaloma Blanca 2354F
Paloma Blanca 5009FPaloma Blanca 5009F

Go to website to cast your eyes on the full collection!


I'm able to talk from experience from altering Paloma Blanca wedding dresses. They use quality fabric and construction techniques which helps the gown hold its shape. After all the alterations were finished  the bride look picture perfect! 

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