The Perfect Wedding Dress That Is Not So Perfect What Can You Do!

"Avoid buyers remorse!"
"Pick the right wedding gown from the start!"

Some of my bridal alteration clients thought that they had picked their perfect wedding dress. But later felt they made a mistake. Why?

During their fittings some found out that alterations would not completely fix some of the things that was wrong with their gown.

These problems were a result of...

  • poor construction,
  • the wrong style choice for their shape
  • low quality fabrics.

These types of problems--when fixable--can drive alterations costs up.

You may be wondering...

"Why didn't those brides notice those things before purchasing their gowns?" Well think about it.

Like most brides, they didn't notice because they were focused on how beautiful the gown was!

For some...

  • The first time they were able to try the gown on in their size was during the first alteration fitting.
  • Most brides when wedding dress shopping have to try on gowns that are way too big or way too small.
  • The gown is clipped and pulled to the center back to make it fit.

What happens next?

So now these brides after receiving their dress were in front of a mirror during their alterations fitting seeing wrinkles, bunching, bagging and puckers that they didn't realize existed.

Others ordered wedding dresses online from overseas and found out the hard way why their bargain wedding dress was such a good deal.

The inferior construction and fabrics of the gown plus now the extra work needed to fix the dress on top of normal alterations, have now made their dress an expensive purchase.

And due the rising numbers of brides who mention the fact that they needed to buy another gown after their initial purchase... I figured that this may not be just a local problem but one on a larger scale!


"Another indicator that there is a problem.... Just take a look at the listings by brides selling wedding dresses online. The auction websites and sites selling used wedding dresses show that more, and more brides are experiencing buyers remorse."

Don't' let this happen to you!

It's very important that you gather as much information about how to pick a wedding gown that is the right one for you... before you even go shopping!

"My goal is to save you the type of frustration mentioned above." How?

By providing you information that will make you an informed bride so that you buy right the first time. If you follow the information in the articles below, you can avoid buyers remorse.

  1. Do wedding planning first... follow these steps for planning a wedding. Not doing this one step has caused some to buy gowns and later they pick a theme or setting that doesn't work with the gown.
  2. When it comes to your wedding dress buy a well made dress. Don't buy a cheaply made bridal dress. You end up paying more to fix, repair, and add to the gown to make it look like it should. Choosing wrong here affects how the gown ultimately will look on you and if it is comfortable to wear.
  3. Buy a bridal gown style that works with your body shape and not against it. This is very important to how your gown ultimately fits you after alterations.

Just doing these 3 simple steps will go along way in helping you choose the perfect wedding dress with, no need to re-visit doing bridal gown shopping again. You surely have better things to do with your time.


"If you happen to be one who is experiencing buyer's remorse over your wedding gown choice right now, don't worry!" You now have what you need to make the right choice now by following the same advice listed above. After following the advice on this site you will without a doubt get it right this time! If you need personal assistance fill out the form for a wedding dress consultation.

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