What You Pay For Your Wedding Dress Matters!

What will you pay for your wedding dress? Experts say that the average cost of a wedding dress is estimated to be about $1800.00 in the US, but this price may not be within your budget. So what do you do?

Before you go shopping for your wedding dress you need to plan a budget of what you want to pay for a bridal gown. This will save you time, money and frustration.

Most brides don't know what is considered a well made gown.

You especially need to know this when buying gowns under $1000. Not all lower priced gowns are of poor quality and not all high end gowns are constructed well.

There are some designers in the low price range whose gowns are a "great value." You just have to know what to look for. "And that's what I am going to help you with!"

"The main reason why you want a well made dress is that dresses that are constructed well are more comfortable to wear and keep you looking good the whole wedding day."

Low End Priced "Affordable" Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses in this price range sell for less than $600. What will you find in this price range...

  • Machine stitched gowns in synthetic fabrics.
  • Have minimal construction details. I am referring to things like underlining's, boning and other supports.
  • May or may not have an attached crinoline slip.
  • Lack of boning and underlining. Boning and underlining help to hold the bodice of a strapless dress up. It also produces a smooth appearance and comfortable fit in this area.

You can find good quality wedding dresses in this price category. You just need to look for designers who use 'better fabrics' and have more structure in their dresses.

The thing to remember is that quality fabric and construction creates the perfect wedding dress." "It's not the design alone!"

Mid Range Priced Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress in this range cost between $600 to around $2000.

  • Gowns are made with synthetic fibers but the quality of the fabric is a better grade than that in the low end wedding dresses.
  • You will find a few bridal dresses made with silk fabric at the higher end of this price range.
  • The bead work on the gowns is usually sewn on better than in the low end wedding dresses.
  • The construction in this range meets higher standards.You will find more boning used in the bodice. Seams are finished off even if it has a lining.
  • The lining and the outer fabric will be partially or fully underlined for stability. All of this gives your gown fabric a smoother appearance.
  • Quite a few gowns include a built in bustier.
  • They also include a petticoat that is built into the dress and waist stays for added support and comfort.

Make sure your wedding dress has these components inside your wedding dress, especially when buying a strapless bridal gown.

Prices For High End Wedding Dresses

The ‘best quality’ well made wedding dresses are in this category... top notch! Wedding gowns in this price range begin about the $2000 range to $5000 and go up.

  • Most wedding gowns will be made of silk. Seams are finished off.
  • Wedding dresses look as good inside as it does on the outside.
  • They are the most comfortable dresses to wear because of the extra support measures taken when constructing the gown.
  • The dress may be fully underlined, have boning stays on the outer dress fabric, the lining, as well as the inner bustier.
  • Waistline stays will be in the dress to keep it from sliding.
  • Attached petticoat slips are full enough without adding another slip.
  • You will see more custom details and more hand detailing. Most couture wedding dress designers bridal gowns fall into this category.

When shopping for your wedding dress take a look at a few high end wedding gowns. Note the construction detail and fabrics. Knowing what quality construction details look like will help you recognize a bargain when you find one in the lower price range gowns..

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