How To Buy Used Wedding Dresses From Online Classified Listing Ads

To save money . . . are you looking for used wedding dresses? Where can you find them?

Wedding gown classifieds listed online on sites such as Craigslist and Weddingbee classifieds are great places to look for used wedding gowns.

If you are buying a dress from the classifieds, you usually will be dealing directly with the bride who owns the gown.

She will be able to tell you details about the gown. Sometimes you can find out the original costs, sizing, if the dress has bustles and if it was cleaned.


Wedding Dress Tip: If the bride remembers her original measurements when she ordered the dress, you could compare yours to see if you might fit in the dress. This will also let you know what alterations will be needed.

What should you find out about the gown?

  • Ask her what, if any, alterations were done to the dress. If it was taken up... ask if the seamstress left the seam allowance in or cut the excess out.
  • When you see the dress in person, "turn it inside out" and see what is left in the seams. This way if you try it on, zip it up and it is a little tight... then you know it can be let out.
  • Find out if the gown has been cleaned. If not, you must factor this into your budget.
  • Check out the gown over for repairs that might be needed, like missing buttons, hooks and snaps. Make sure the zipper works well. Check for rips or seams split open.

Some wedding gown classifieds are of gowns that haven't been worn. The bride may have had to cancel the wedding or had buyer's remorse.

This way you get a new wedding gown at a substantial savings.

Some brides will sell you the petticoat, headpiece and veil as a package deal. Ask about this if it is not mentioned in the classified ad.

You can sometimes bargain the price of the bridal gown down lower, especially if you find upon inspecting it that there is some things missing or in need of repair. Ask the bride if she would consider taking less for the dress.

"Most of all before you buy a used wedding dress . . . make sure when you are able you should try them on and look them over carefully!"

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