Wedding Diet Tips To Fit Into Your Wedding Dress

What bride isn't on a wedding diet plan? All brides want to look their absolute best in their wedding dress. How about you?

  • Do you need to lose a few pounds or more?
  • Do you have a few days, weeks or months to do it in?
  • What is the best way to lose weight?

I say do it safely and intelligently!

But the weight lose plan you choose to use depends on what you feel comfortable with and how long you plan to be on a weight loss system.

  • Do your research.
  • Ask friends and family members what they think is the best weight loss plan that they have tried.
  • You can do research on different plans online. I found this very beneficial.
  • Research a specific diet and then do a search for reviews for that weight loss plan.

Tips To Help You Stick To Your Wedding Diet

According to brides I have worked with... the ones that did the best at losing weight chose plans they liked and could follow.

So choose a weight loss plan you like and can stick with.

  • Diet plans that are not too restrictive seem to work best.
  • Choosing diet plans that eliminate specific food groups are harder to follow.

Weight loss plans that allow you to eat from all food groups, tend to be easier to stick with. Some programs to consider for your wedding diet are...

  • Jenny Craig
  • Weight  Watchers
  • Nutrisystem for the busy bride who prefers a program with prepared meals and no calorie tracking. And delicious and filling too!

Couple this with an exercise plan that has cardio and weight training. You may be one who likes running to lose weight or jogging. If you don't like running or jogging, you may be like many who have found that walking to lose weight is more their style.

You can join a local health club or exercise program for extra incentive to make sure you exercise regularly. I have seen amazing results from brides who used a trainer to help them target and tone specific parts of the body. But you can do this on your own.


"I remember a client who 3 weeks before a wedding she was going to be in, picked up her bridesmaids dress after the alterations were finished. When she picked it up, it fit her perfectly! "

"The week of the wedding she calls me and says her dress was loose just in the back. She had been doing exercises with a trainer for two weeks to tone her back."

"She came in and just like she said... the back of the dress was sticking away from her. I couldn't believe that doing exercises that concentrated on the back could make so much of a difference."

Do exercises that concentrate on certain areas of the body. Find exercises that work out the arms and the back. These areas are the focal point in a strapless, halter and off the shoulder wedding dress.

The other areas of concentration would be the midsection. Old fashion side bends, twists and sit ups, are just a few exercises, that work at trimming down the waistline.

If you are wearing a slim fitted wedding gown or mermaid wedding dress, then you must concentrate on slimming the hips and thighs, to look good in this style of gown.

So sticking to your wedding diet plan and a regular exercise program are key to looking your best for your wedding day.

Remember… on your wedding day all eyes are on you! That day you will need to have a lot of energy, because you will be on your feet all day long. So the more fit you are, the better you will enjoy your wedding day!

When Losing Weight When Should You Order Your Wedding Dress?

When losing weight for a wedding, you have a dilemma as to when to order your wedding gown and what size. I say... it depends on how much you plan to lose on your wedding diet before the wedding.

Most experts suggest ordering your gown the size you measure when you place the order.

Usually it is best to place the order of your gown 6 to 9 months before your wedding. Your gown can be altered to take it in the excess amount. And I agree with the experts.

But, if you feel you will go down at least 3 sizes and you insist on ordering your gown a smaller size, go down only one size, and no more than that.

  • Try not to order a gown with a lot of beading or trim in the bodice.
  • Avoid a lot of trimming around the upper neckline area and the sides of the gown, since alterations will usually be done in those areas. It can be hard to match up appliqués and beading trim, when you have to take in a gown a significant amount.

If on your wedding diet plan you plan to lose no more that 2 - 3 dress sizes... your gown, (especially a strapless wedding gown) can be taken in that amount of sizes without distorting most designs.

Any design with armholes and or sleeves are limited in how much you can make the gown smaller before it starts to distort the armhole and make the resetting of the sleeve difficult.

When you order your gown consult with the alterations specialist about your design and if it can be re-sized.


If you want to lose a few inches.a few days before the wedding.. one thing that helps  is to make sure NOT to eat a lot of carbs the week leading up to the wedding day! Many brides find this works well, especially if you tend to have problems with bloating. Keeps that tummy flat!

What If You Plan To Lose Over 50lbs Before Your Wedding Day?

But if you are planning to lose a major amount of weight over 50 lbs... especially because of gastric by-pass surgery, then you need to order your dress about 4 months prior to the wedding.

When a person has surgery to lose weight, they tend to lose a large amount of weight very quickly.

If you are on a wedding diet plan or having surgery to help you lose need to go to a bridal shop early.

So what are your buying options....

  • Find out which wedding dress designers have "quick delivery" styles. Those that don't have quick delivery styles can do a "rush cut" on a gown for an extra fee.
  • Another option is to go to a place you can buy one off the rack. David's Bridal will sometimes sell their dresses off the rack.
  • Another place you can try is to buy a wedding gown is from a wedding dress consignment shop. There are online wedding dress shops that can also deliver gowns in a short time. is one source.

"Planning ahead of time when you are on a wedding diet plan is key to looking your best on your wedding day and finding the perfect wedding dress for you!"

What if you don't lose enough weight before your wedding to get in to your gown and your bridal dress is too small. Don't worry there is something that can be done.

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