Your Wedding Dress Donation Can Help Others

Wedding Dress Donation

"Its after the wedding." Why not make a wedding dress donation to a charitable organization?

The proceeds from the gown will be used for a good cause. Plus its tax deductible.

Some charitable organizations that come to mind would be:

  • Goodwill Thrift Store
  • Children's Hospital Thrift Stores 

But here are some others to consider whether you are looking to sell or want to buy an affordable wedding dress.

  • Bridal Garden is a not for profit organization that benefits children's charities from the sale of pre-owned wedding dresses.
  • Bride Project They provide brides a way to have a beautiful wedding dress of their dreams at a very affordable price.  And all the proceeds go to supporting children and their families, cancer research/ treatment and patient support.
  • Brides Against Breast Cancer  donated wedding gowns are sold to others at an affordable price and the proceeds are used for breast cancer causes.
  • Forever Angels of Virginia  receive donated wedding dresses, take them apart and use them to make burial garments for parents for parents grieving the loss of a child in miscarriage . Your wedding dress donation is directly used for a worthy cause.

"So after your wedding day, why not donate your wedding dress to one of these organizations."

Wedding Dress Donations - How Much Is Tax Deductible?

The best person to get advice on this is from your tax advisor. But their are some basic guidelines you want to keep in mind when donating clothing.

You have to come up with the "fair market" value of your wedding dress. How is it determined?

  • Fair market value would be what a thrift store would be able to sale something for or what you would pay to a consignment shop. This holds true for bridal gowns.
  • This would mean that you would not be able to deduct anywhere near the original price you paid for your gown.
  • In most cases, you would be looking at half the original price (at best) or less.

If you feel your gown is worth more than $500... then you would want something in writing from the charitable organization or an appraisal made of the dress to document the price.

If you are not going to turn your dress into a family heirloom, then "donate a wedding dress to the charity of your choice."

"You will find satisfaction in the fact that your wedding dress donation, help to provide happiness for others."

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