How To Find A LDS Wedding Dress The Easy Way

Are you looking for a LDS Wedding dress that would be appropriate for your wedding? I have been told by past customers that the temple wedding dress worn during the ceremony has to meet certain criteria.

It can be a challenge to find a wedding gown to meet these guidelines...

  • The neckline front and back has to be cut high.
  • It must be white in color,no Ivory or off white variations.
  • The gown must have long sleeves, if a gown has sheer sleeves they must be lined.
  • Any sheer areas on a gown would have to be lined.
  • No trim or beading should be present on the gown. 
  • The dress itself must be long, having no train or one that can be detached or bustled.

Although it can be tough to find a bridal gown to meet these guidelines... it's a challenge that can be met!

To be on the safe side, some brides use their temple dress as their wedding dress for the temple ceremony and then use a more elaborate or short sleeve gown after the temple ceremony.

"I altered a wedding dress for a Mormon bride who picked a dress for her wedding that she could use as a temple dress after the ceremony. Her wedding dress turned out to be a practical purchase since she would be able to wear it again."

Check out these web sites! You will be surprised at the beautiful wedding gown styles these web sites have. I was very impressed with a lot of the designs!

Hopefully the sources above have been helpful to you in finding the perfect LDS wedding dress for you!

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