Picking Flattering Wedding Dresses For Large Bust Body Shape

Looking for complimentary style wedding dresses for large bust body type?

Now don't assume that since you wear a full cup bra you automatically are in this shaping. You can have a full cup bust size and not have a prominent bust. This happens more so with plus size women.

Typically, when you have a prominent bust... the bust circumference is quite a bit larger than the hip area. From your side view the bust sticks out "much further" than the abdomen.

To Pick A Wedding Dress That Is Flattering For a Large Bust Depends On These 2 Factors

It all depends on whether you feel having a prominent bust is something you are comfortable with or not.

  • Some feel having a prominent bust is an asset. If you feel this way, then you can use the suggestions below that you feel flatters your  overall figure. Your goal will be to create a balance between the top and bottom.
  • For those who would rather not draw unnecessary attention to the bust area then a lot of the information presented here will help you. You might want to choose necklines to minimize your bust and also create balance between the top half and lower half of your body.

If your cleavage is an issue with you...

You will have to pay attention to the neckline depth or choose styles that will still look good if you want to add a modesty piece to the neckline if it is too low. You will need to choose a wedding gown style that will look good with a modesty piece added to it.

What Is The Overall Strategy If You Are Full Busted And Looking For A Dress That Flatters Your Body Shape?

What do you need to do? Keep these 3 things in mind to create a balanced overall proportioned look.

  • Create width below the waist to balance the upper body.
  • Make sure the bodice section of your dress doesn't have details, that will make your bust become a focal point.
  • Choose dresses that have details around the waist, hips and skirt section of the gown creating another focal point.


"Before going to the bridal shop... to look for a wedding dress you need to wear a good supporting bra. If you are plus size or wear a full cup bra, you must buy the right bridal bra for support, one that works with the style of your gown.

Best Wedding Dress Styles For Large Busted Women

It's all about the neckline you choose. Here are necklines that typically compliment a large bust...

  • V-neck or Scoop
  • U-shape or Square shape
  • Sweetheart or Keyhole
  • Off the shoulder necklines can be an asset for those who have narrow shoulders.
  • Halter necklines can look great on some who have a prominent bust.

This is not all the possible necklines but represent the most popular you find in fashion.

Suggested wedding gown silhouettes: A- line wedding gown, Princess line wedding gown, Ball gown wedding dress, Dropped waist styles and some Mermaid or Fit and Flare styles with asymmetrical details.


Wedding Dress Tip

A word about wearing a strapless bridal gown... You have to make sure you wear a very supportive bra to look your best. Not only that... your gown has to have boning support built in it, the more the better. This helps the dress fit well and stay up and in place. For more about this read...

Wedding Gown Style Details To Avoid When You Have A Prominent Bust

  • High necklines like the jewel and bateau necklines... because they tend to make your bust look larger.
  • Avoid a lot of texture, horizontal pleating or gathering, heavily beaded or heavy lace in the bodice.
  • Avoid a deep plunging front neckline if you are going for a sophisticated elegant look.
  • Most empire waist style wedding gowns focus attention on the bust area, so this style may be one you want to avoid.

So when it comes to finding flattering wedding dresses for large bust body types it really depends on how you feel about yourself.

If you are happy with yourself then you won't have a problem finding something. The tips above will enhance your body type.

If you want a bridal gown to minimize you bust ... in some cases, no matter what you do, you will not look that much smaller. The goal is to minimize the focus on your bust area and to direct attention to your face and overall appearance through details on the dress.

If you follow some of the things mentioned above you will find the perfect wedding dress!

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