Wedding Alterations: Your Wedding Gown Is Not "Made To Measure"

"I hadn't planned on wedding alterations costs!"

Why were measurements taken for my wedding dress? I thought my dress was being made to my measurements. What happened?

All of these questions may be running through your mind. Very few designers make made to measure bridal dresses. It's not cost effective for wedding dress designers to do this and why many don't offer it.

Let me say this . . . there are some bridal designers who do offer some made to measure services. But in most cases, you pay a premium for this.

Sometimes it is worth it in some situations. For example... if you are a short bride ... it is best to have the wedding gown made to a shorter length if it has detail at the hem.

Each wedding gown manufacturer and wedding dress designer have their individual set of measurement charts for their sizing system. Your measurements are being taken in order to fit you into their sizing system. Not to custom make the dress to your measurements.

This is a misconception a lot of brides have. Your wedding dress is ordered in the size your largest measurement falls. This means that your gown will be too big for you in an area, or so, of your body.

Only a small percentage of women fit into a bridal manufacturers size chart perfectly. So expect to need "wedding dress alterations." So make sure you factor alterations costs into your budget.

Make sure to get the proper wedding gown alterations needed from a very qualified sewing professional who specializes in wedding dresses!

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